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Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your Guide to Strategic Social Media Marketing
We certainly would not want anyone visiting our website to be confused about the lingo that is special to social media marketing. FAQ is pretty self explanatory, but you probably have some questions, that if quickly answered, will make understanding the information available on different parts of our site and in our
onsite blog posts - far easier to absorb. We have covered the most common questions here with simple to understand, comprehensive answers.

As with any other page on the WorldClassID site, this is not your average FAQ page. Instead of extremely short and compact answers, we give you an exceptional social media marketing guide. Unlike the majority of social media marketing information, you will find on many of our competitors' web pages, we have gone the extra mile to translate “techspeak” into simple English. We hope that you find this compact version of the WorldClassID Encyclopedia helpful.
If your questions and/or concerns are not addressed here, please give us a call during regular office hours at +1 760.445.3315, or email us at

What is social media marketing?
In a nutshell, social media marketing is a multi-faceted group of ways that you can market products and services, or build a brand and a business on the internet. It is the many layers and interconnecting
or overlapping methods your business needs to promote and present what you sell to the right group of people looking for what you have to offer them. You don’t have to be a big business, or even a certain type of business to need social media marketing. It’s how you make the connection with the buyers who need or want what you are selling.

You will see other terms for social media marketing used in the industry and by other businesses like yours. Don’t be confused if someone starts talking about online marketing, eMarketing, business marketing or web marketing. Guide or industry FAQ pages all over the internet use different terms to describe this very same thing.
Other references that also apply in this entire myriad of ways to promote your entity would be webvertising, online advertising and internet advertising.

Most social media marketing services companies will tell you that advertising and marketing online are all one and the same. This is not quite right. Social media marketing is the process of promotion, and online advertising is the presentation of the finished outcome from the process. Like snapping a film photo, developing the negative, and finally you are presented with the finished picture. The final presentation won’t be worth 1000 words if you skip the development process. Make a note of that, it is a crucial piece of social media marketing information to memorize.

Why do I need social media marketing?
With over 234 million websites online in December 2009, gaining a sound connection to your target buying group makes practicing comprehensive social media marketing a necessity for any company wishing to do business online today. That number of businesses and blogs all competing for the top page of organic search results is not about to go down or remain stagnant. In 2009, a total of 47 million websites was added to the total count.

Marketing and advertising are a crucial part of any business that wants to succeed in the brick and mortar world or in the more exciting realm of cyberspace. No web marketing guide would ever tell you otherwise, whether you paid for it to use as a self-help tool, or as on this services professional social media marketing FAQ page, the information is offered to you free of charge. If you don’t do social media marketing, you aren’t going to be successful.
It just doesn’t work that way.

What are the different techniques of social media marketing?
First of all, don’t confuse the different types of social media marketing with the different techniques of social media marketing. FAQ pages on some of our competitor’s sites group different types of marketing with some of the more commonly used techniques used to do online marketing. So we’d like to clarify this situation for you and make it a bit less mind-boggling.

Social media marketing techniques that top notch companies like WORLDCLASSID would use the following broad categories, which include many different interconnected methods to increase the power of strategy in practice:

·  Search engine optimization marketing – affectionately referred to as SEO marketing.
·  Search engine marketing – affectionately referred to as SEM.
·  Social media marketing – affectionately referred to as SMM.
·  Pay per click advertising - affectionately referred to as PPC.

Types of social media marketing you might see lumped in with business marketing techniques are affiliate marketing and article marketing. While all businesses of any size can profit from promotion found in using SEO article creation and submission to article directories - the practice of ‘article marketing’ is used by the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketers promote other business’ products and not products of their own, with or without a website in place of their own. Businesses of all kinds employ affiliate marketers to assist them in connecting with more of their target audience. At least 90% of the persons working in affiliate marketing are ineffectual at best. Before you take this tep – you better build a strong foundation, or the top affiliates won’t be able to do much good either.

Learning to walk always precedes flying.

Is there a difference between organic SEO and SEO in online marketing?
SEO or search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and volume of your website’s traffic, from search results visitors. Any listing on a search engine’s listing page is inclusive to SEO. However, there are a variety of listing types on all search results pages (SERP). They do not all carry the same weight with the average user of search, or with the major search engines themselves. Here’s an excellent spot in our Social media marketing FAQ page to inform you that SERP translates to none other than ‘search engine results page’. If you have not already figured it out, techspeak is a maze of long tech jargon phrases converted to initials for faster typed communication. It’s not meant to be secretive at all, you try typing as many hours a day we do - you’d be looking for ways to cut out letters too!

You won’t find this in all web marketing guides, but there are 3 sections to all search pages;
·  Right Column: This is reserved for advertising from pay per click ad programs, known as PPC For Search. This is where any Search Engine Marketing ads you might add to your social media marketing services would appear.
·  Featured Listings: These are the select placements found in the colored band at the top of search result pages. This is paid placement and one of very few locations that true ‘advertising’ as you are used to in the offline world actually takes place on the internet.
·  Organic Search Results: These are also known ‘natural’ or ‘algorithmic’ search results. Only those website pages optimized for these precise targeted keywords would appear on the most relevant pages of these results. Organic search results are on the left section of the SERP, beginning beneath the paid feature inclusions at the top.
A little value added social media marketing information you might find interesting, is ‘latent syntax’. Once the search engine runs out of listings to return for precise keywords in order of each website’s rank for this search, they switch into ‘latent syntax indexing’ results listing placements. This means the words in a keyword phrase are put together by search engines from the entire content of a page and could be less relevant to your target buyer’s search. Don’t count on LSI pulling huge weight without organic SEO in the first place on your web pages. On the other hand, latent syntax can broaden your keyword exposure to your target group, in searches where the typed in phrase is not optimized on your page.
This is just one more reason for insisting that highly relevant content appears on each of your web pages.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
These are advertisements where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser's website. There are PPC ads for search and PPC ads for publishers. PPC ads created for search always appear in the right sidebar of search engine results pages. PPC ads for publishers can appear on blogs and affiliate marketer websites, article directory pages of immense relevancy  and just about any other type of page launched on the internet. PPC ads, no matter where they appear, instantly are targeted to the most relevant pages and sites available. This is all part of how the
advertising model works. The PPC advertiser doesn’t have to make this action take place. Take note that your PPC ads are utilized to monetize thousands of pages trying to earn money as affiliates to social media marketing. Information that appears on these pages is beyond your control, though most times the PPC program will do an excellent job at weeding out inappropriate pages that
would do you small contextual ads injustice.

What is inbound link building and link popularity?
Weighing the importance and relevance your website has a lot to do with where Google, Yahoo and Bing will place you in organic search results. The major search engines don’t think that websites that
are not found being mentioned and linked to from outside pages are worth giving a high search placement to. They want popular pages to give to their search users, not ones that no one beyond your website appears to care about and share. Google and the gang want good stuff, nothing boring or off key - their goal is to retain their loyal ‘clients’ with top quality results. You can’t just publish links with your URL on any old page and call it inbound linking, or backlinking. Doing so is foolish, though Black Hat SEO tries it all the time and no one with any common sense would call this tactic social media marketing. Information provided here in the WorldClassID FAQ page is all on the proper and accepted way of backlinking and social media marketing that is known as White Hat SEO. Building inbound links the right way, the WorldClassID way of backlinking, is the key to gaining more coveted Google favor.

The higher the PageRank of sites where your inbound links appear, and the more relevant their full content is to your site - the better it will be for your placement in search results. High ranking websites have tons of traffic; making them ‘popular’ and fitting for the criteria Google uses to assign PageRank. High quality inbound links on ‘popular’ websites are one way of rising in the ranks of organic search listing placements. They are rich in great information, optimized for organic search to the nines and never low quality. This is an important point in any business owner’s web marketing guide, because the power behind inbound link building in terms of increasing your search listing placement rank has a great deal to do with link popularity. Inbound link building on popular disconnected websites are excellent tools in social media marketing.

Three types of inbound links websites can have: reciprocal-linking, one-way linking, and multi-way linking.

What’s the difference between reciprocal, one-way, and multi-way links?

One way linking
is a
clickable URL link published on an offsite page leading back to
your website without being a reciprocal link. A reciprocal link is
trading link space with one or more business websites. For example,
if your website and business are listed in a directory highly
relevant to your company or products, it could never be reciprocal,
unless you linked from your website to the directory. So that would
make the inbound link in the directory a one way link, because it
only goes in one direction.
One way
linking is the highest scoring type of possible inbound link
building. If no team system is found as in reciprocal, the search
engines view this as a natural inbound link and not one placed on
purpose. These are an important tool and one you should make a
special note of before continuing to read new social media
marketing information
, you don’t want to forget the best form
of inbound link building.

Reciprocal linking
can be
done between two or more websites. If your website business sells
plumbing parts, and you are great friends with two or three
plumbers who buy from you wholesale, it may occur to you all that
you can each link to each other’s sites and climb a bit higher in
organic search with these friendly inbound links. These are good
inbound linking methods, but not as effective as one way linking to
improve your organic search placement.

Multi way linking
is a
rather misleading term, but you won’t be a bit confused in a
second, because this is the WORLDCLASSID Social media marketing
page. This would have to involve at least three websites.
If you have two business websites that sell relevant products or
services, you can have a close business acquaintance that is also
in a relevant online business link with you. On one of your
websites you add a link to his website, this disconnected site of
your peer in turn links to your site # 1, and then your site #2
links back to him. These kinds of links will help you be listed a
bit higher place in search, but again it is nowhere near as
effective as one way linking is. Bear in mind that great weight
must be placed on relevance here. If you sell car accessories, you
certainly won’t get anywhere sharing links with a site selling
privacy fence. Yes people with cars might want fencing, but the two
are not relevant to each other. Use common sense.

What is web page indexing and caching?

images of
your site step in when the indexed pages aren’t there when needed.
When search engine spiders visit your page to take stock of the
code and the public content, they take a snapshot of each page in
your website. The search engines examine and analyze each page,
storing the snapshot in a cache. The cache version of all of your
site’s pages serve as a backup for maintaining excellent quality
search results.
This is a
plus for ensuring you don’t miss a target buyer if your website
suddenly becomes unavailable. That would make the cache link step
in and reconnect the interested visitor with the information and
product for uninterrupted web marketing. Guide a sale right
to your door, even though it was missing! Leave it to Google, they
think of everything. The cached snapshot of your web pages is how
Google delivers search results so darn fast, as well as what the
databases use to judge every page returned in search as being the
best match for your quest.

Page indexing
, like
any form of information of any length, printed or on a computer,
use of an index makes it easier to use with fast location of
certain words, lines, chapters, topics and pages. Indexing by
search engines make you easier to find through social media
marketing, information
available pronto with millions of
relevant page listing links delivered in seconds flat. Search
engines operate something akin to the largest, most in depth
library catalog the world has ever known. The information collected
by the visiting spiders is entered into search databases that
search engines use to create a table for immediate locating of any
word typed into their search appliance box. Organic search and page
indexing creates precise order out of complete chaos. If it weren’t
for keywords and indexing, the internet would not be very

Why do you keep referring to spiders?
likely, this will be an interesting part of our Social media
marketing FAQ
info for you. Spiders are sort of busy background
workers online. They are really specially designed software robots.
They were named spiders because they ‘crawl’ your website pages and
the backend code, digging into every little crevice and
scrutinizing each word, character and command. If you’ve ever
looked at the code behind your business website, you will know just
of how foreign a language lurks there. This programming code makes
the side your viewer sees what it is. The words on any of your web
pages that search spiders gather, your meta tags and that snapshot
of your web pages are then relayed back to the search engine
databases and precisely filed appropriately.
do not just magically appear when you launch a new website. Without
the right system of announcing you have web pages that need to be
crawled and indexed, no search engine knows there is fresh
information to index. With billions of pages, on websites numbering
in the hundreds of millions - getting a new site indexed definitely
won’t happen overnight, it takes months to be discovered by
accident. To get indexed faster, you do search engine submission,
which is just a notification to alert the major search engines that
they should send a robot spider to get your stuff sorted and
If you
haven’t had your website submitted to the search engines, or done
so properly, it could be the reason why you aren’t showing up in
organic search. We hope this web marketing guide relieves
some business owner’s marketing frustrations and

What are the benefits of social media marketing?
In a
nutshell, social media marketing is necessary for doing business
online. Without marketing and search engine optimization, you won’t
be able to do much business at all. The online world is far
different than you imagine due to your life experience being all
about the world that exists outside. Probably, the most vital point
you could take away from our social media marketing
page here, is that you need social media marketing
and SEO if you ever hope to connect your products, services or
brand with the target audience you seek. Without marketing, your
business website online is pretty close to being an exercise in
actual benefits of social media marketing cover a myriad of
different things. The size and number of your company’s benefits
will greatly depend on a number of things. A really common
social media marketing FAQ is if SEO is social media
marketing. This question is not that easily answered, you must have
both SEO and social media marketing if you want to generate revenue
online. All websites and blogs, whether they are sites that have a
goal of making cash or simply providing information must have SEO
if anyone is going to find them. If you are questioning if social
media marketing is really viable, consider this. You wouldn’t try
mowing a lawn with a pair of scissors, so don’t try doing business
for profit online without social media marketing.
different benefits fall into the following broad
connection to your target audience
and business exposure
visitors matched to your product or service
increases in your website’s traffic volume
sales conversions

Does a business need a certain type of website?

For organic search
, there
are certain types of website structure that are completely
outdated, not just in how they look as a design, but the way they
are built. The internet and your browser will allow them to be
visible and function, but the wrong kind of website builds will
hurt your ability to place highly in organic search. This isn’t
because Google, Yahoo and Bing turn their nose up at any site whose
build is not the latest rage. It’s because some site building
methods do not allow the spiders to crawl your web pages. Easy
website builder software is not going to help your business out.
These programs build framed websites which are no longer in active
use for a business site. Simply because the frames make it too
difficult for indexing to be thorough, making your SEO

For visitor retention
, you
most certainly want your company website to use the latest
technology, full featured navigation with exciting graphics, and
great content on all pages. Not every web marketing guide
will tell you that adding video is an excellent strategy; our
experience, however, allows us to inform you that for instant
visitor engagement, you can’t beat a professional video with a
great script. Without excellent website design based on state of
the art technology, your target audience will view your company and
brand as not up with the times. If you are going to do business
with the 21st century consumer, your website design must meet their
scrutiny. It must also make locating and using all features fast
and easy, as well as highly original and informative.

What are Meta tags?
In the
backend code of your website certain information must be present in
the header area in order for the search engines to have what they
need for your organic search listing. There are three main tags,
known as ‘meta tags’ that you must have for professional organic
search engine optimization. Without them, all SEO performed on your
page content holds little weight, not when the search engines have
nothing to index all your pages by, or show your target audience in
search. Meta tags are crucial social media marketing
. They consist of:
the web marketing guide is stating pages and not website or
site. Unique meta tags must be programmed into every single page of
your website or blog. Poorly constructed meta tags will cost your
site inferior indexing, improper or low organic search placement
and non-converting traffic. Your meta tags are vital to your
business image, your sales and your ROI.

How can I increase my website traffic?
This is
probably the #1 social media marketing FAQ. There are lots
of ways to increase the number of visitors your website gets.
However, different social media marketing strategies bring you
varied kinds of traffic volume results. It doesn’t matter what kind
of business you’re in or what industry, you need to set goals for
what you want your social media marketing to accomplish. All the
tools and methods employed with web savvy folks like the
experienced team at WORLDCLASSID can offer you will increase your
website traffic. The right strategies and methods for your company
though will vary, simply because no two businesses are the same.
Naturally, their social media marketing campaigns must be
customized to deliver what is needed and altered to meet each new
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How can WorldClassID help my company?
For 21st
century businesses, a web marketing guide will only explain
or clear up certain questions they may have about social media
marketing. Naturally, when you are seriously considering
contracting the services we offer to increase your ROI and build
your brand - we completely understand your curiosity over our
capabilities. WorldClassID operates from a foundation of over 25
years of combined experience in advertising and social media
marketing. Information
about the team at WORLDCLASSID will be a
concern of yours too. WorldClassID is comprised of web savvy, tech
savvy and marketing savvy people who are experts in organic SEO.
Staff specialties include top developers, programmers, web
designers, graphic and video artists, web content writers and last
but not least – several top marketing executives. The founding team
of marketing executives formed this unique SEO firm as a true
boutique styled organic SEO marketing firm.
Our vast
experience and talents, along with our detailed dedication to
customer service, exemplary social media marketing,
confidentiality and thorough processes set us apart
from the industry. Our goal is not just to catapult your business
website and brand to the top placements in search and increase your
sales. We feel it is the key to our business to work with the right
clients and maintain long lasting relationships with each of them
on a close and individual basis. For today, tomorrow and far into
the future, WORLDCLASSID is your web marketing guide and the
key to your company’s success. Partnering with WORLDCLASSID allows
your entity to be more profitable at online business on a national
or local scale.

Does WORLDCLASSID guarantee my company’s results if I hire
The vast
majority of social media marketing companies will not guarantee you
anything. They merely state that it is impossible to guarantee any
results from social media marketing. FAQ pages within our
industry are available for inspection via organic search that will
attest to this sad, and very outdated practice. With today’s
technology and social media marketing tools, there is no reason
that those who excel at social media marketing cannot put you on
the first page of organic search results.
does guarantee your company’s results. We also guarantee that your
business, brand and social media marketing information are
confidential and secure with us. As our client, you will attain
first page placements for your brand and business website. In the
21st century, there really is no excuse for not guaranteeing your
online marketing client a top 10 placement on Google, Yahoo and
Bing. Yes, organic search placement is fiercely competitive.
Clients who work with WORLDCLASSID are relieved of the battle,
allowed to apply their complete attention to running and growing
their business. You simply cannot go wrong joining forces with the
team at WorldClassID.

Can’t you guarantee me the #1 spot on Google?
No one
can truthfully guarantee you the top spot on any organic search
results. Search is not like paid inclusion – the featured listings
at the top of search results pages. Organic search will always grab
a larger portion of your target audience’s attention than any paid
placement and even PPC for Search. Social media marketing
or social media marketing companies that guarantee
you can gain the #1 spot on any search engine, major or otherwise,
is beyond belief. WorldClassID guarantees you will rise to first
page placement (at least 1 Top 10 entry) in organic search. We can,
and will, make this happen. Not using pay per click advertising,
but in the organic search results.

How long does it take to list high in organic search
It is
impossible to provide you with a definitive answer on our Social
media marketing FAQ
page. There are several individual reasons
for that, and the real answer to all of them? It really depends on
your current situation - your website, your business, your brand
and your industry. While any company, new or old – large or small,
has similar goals when it comes to doing business on the
internet. Marketing information that answers any business’
questions in this instance gets very complicated and customized.
Here are some rather general pieces of information to
length of time it will take a site to rank high depends on how
competitive your market is, how well your website is established,
and how hard you are willing to work. Of course, if you hire
WorldClassID to handle your social media marketing that last one
doesn’t hold any weight for you and your company site. If your
website is already well established, or in a niche marketing field
– the initial results will clearly be seen in under a month’s
For sites
that are newly launched, or websites in exceptionally competitive
markets, it could take 3-6 months before you see a significant
increase in your traffic volume. This is because building quality
inbound linking is a marketing strategy that requires time to
create results in a natural manner.
keywords are so competitive, that at times the effort and expense
to rank well for them simply are not worth the effort. Not in pay
per click advertising or organically on your website. Many times
when presented with this situation your best bet is to optimize
your website for relative keywords that the competition is not so
fierce over. This strategy can give you better ROI for your
available time and monetary resources.
The best
web marketing guide will always insist that you do solid
planning and goal setting. These will enable addressing the right
online marketing strategies and tactics for organic SEO
optimization and the expected results.

Can I call or email and get responses about my campaigns and
WORLDCLASSID doesn’t just offer you social media marketing
on our website. We take an individual and personal
approach, to each of our client’s projects and concerns. We believe
in delivering the best customer service, which definitely includes
communication and respect for one another. If you have questions
about what is going on, we welcome our customers’ phone calls and
email communications. We are always here for you and will be easily
contacted during regularly scheduled office hours in the PST time

How much do state of the art website designs cost?
This is
one of those loaded questions that just aren't possible to answer
on our Social media marketing FAQ page. Every business,
product or service, and industry is unique. The right style of
website design that properly presents your brand and business to
your public will vary just as greatly. After all, a site that sells
the latest styles in designer sneakers will be hugely different
than one designed for an attorney’s office. One is a local search
presentation, one is a national search presentation and each will
have a target audience that is, for the most part, like night and
day. Yes, people who need legal services buy tennis shoes. However,
no one from the lower class to the elite in society would expect to
find a lawyer offering his services on a site style that would
befit peddling track shoes. The best way to discover the answer to
this question is to call us at +1 760.445.3315, or email us at for
a free consultation.

Why don’t you have a website design portfolio on your
professionals in any industry prefer to keep their best maneuvers a
guarded secret, and things like their choice of website design
companies and social media marketing firms are among these
preferences. Your social media marketing information or
website designer secrets are not the kind of thing most business
wants their competitors to be able to research and analyze. Some
things are just sacred. We respect our clients’ wishes and do not
publish this type of information on our site for the world to view
online. This is a form respect and great customer service that your
entity will no doubt appreciate and wish to benefit
We do
have an extensive portfolio and can share samples of our website
design work privately. Our prices for website design, as with all
of our services are very competitive. To learn more about our
website design capabilities, the best way to discover the answer to
this question is to call us at +1 760.445.3315, or email us at for
a free consultation.

How much does it cost for WORLDCLASSID social media marketing and
design services?
It is
hard to give set prices on our Social media marketing FAQ
page on services as widely variable and individualized as site
design and marketing services are. There are just too many
different factors and options involved from one client to another
to do more than give you some starting point prices as a rough
initial consultation and review at many of our competitors will be
charged at an hourly fee with a minimal cost of $250 or more. Being
a reasonable and affordable social media marketing company,
WORLDCLASSID fails to see the reasoning behind charging you a fee
for looking into where your website or blog design is at currently
and what should be done to make your image and visitor engagement
more on target. Initial consultations for design and SEO
improvements are FREE at WorldClassID.
Nor will
we start billing you at an hourly rate to investigate what we
should do to put together a comprehensive, cost effective social
media marketing strategy. Yet, you will find a lot of social media
marketing companies want you to fork over at least $500 - $1000
just to look at what you have going on at the moment. Talk about a
web marketing guide! Guiding money from your bank account to
ours in return for simply giving you an estimate on the best
possible action is no way to build client rapport or long lasting
positive relationships. Yet, it is a common practice among those
with less experience. You will pay ZERO for your initial social
media marketing consultation here at WORLDCLASSID.
SEO maintenance and content management can range from $500 on up to
$100,000 or more, depending on the programs your individual
services include as a full time client of WORLDCLASSID. The monthly
cost varies depending on the complexity of tasks and the amount of
time required in meeting your business goals and objectives. Full
scope content and social media marketing campaigns will obviously
run higher, but are worth every penny invested in benefits and
results. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you work with
WorldClassID. Our job is to put you in the winner’s seat, your job
is to run your business and be ready to handle more prospects and
more business the moment your new target audience begins arriving
ready to buy in large numbers.
Each job
or project requires a custom services quotation written especially
for your business. Your project quote will arrive complete with the
WORLDCLASSID guarantee, the pertinent social media marketing
applicable and the expected results noted. Pricing
and payment arrangements will be included in your design and
marketing services proposal. Unless we make agreed upon changes,
which will alter your quotation, payment is of course to be
received as stated in our original quote proposal.

What kind of procedures and proposal can I expect working with
Your free
initial consultation will be conducted with a live person over the
telephone or in person during a scheduled meeting, depending on
your physical location. Following this time of social media
marketing information
gathering, we will know what your goals
are allowing us to develop the perfect plan for delivering the
following to you:

Complete Analysis
– This
thorough review of your website and your top organic search
competitor’s sites is created by our marketing analysts in great
detail. This in depth document contains all research results and
methods we can employ to implement a positive effect on your
company’s website and presence. Other SEO and social media
marketing information
delivered with your analysis includes
increasing revenues while decreasing your associated costs, all of
which will definitely make your life ultimately easier and
operating your business more successful. Following the study of
this initial analysis, it is customary all of our new clients wish
to discuss the findings and where we can go from here.

Proposal Presentation
– Local
clients of WORLDCLASSID have the option of personal proposal
delivery to their offices. For our long distance and national or
global clients, the full proposal and services quote documents will
arrive via email. We will give you an excellent projected web
marketing guide
outlining each step in your proposal and price
quote. We always strive to keep you in the loop and unconfused as
to the methods, practices and processes our clients will, or do,
benefit from. The parts of your custom proposal include:
& Recommendations
Scope of Work
of Performance

Guarantee of Performance
– We feel
that we have not succeeded in performing exemplary services for our
clients until they are successful. We'll work with you to determine
and establish the goals and objectives for our work together. If we
meet or exceed these objectives as a team, you and WORLDCLASSID
both share in the success attained. If we don't meet objectives
we'll agree on how to resolve this.

Acceptance of Proposal
– As with
any type of proposal for services, there are many times additions
and alterations once a client reviews the outlined plan of action.
All of this will be discussed prior to acceptance, with any changes
being made to the proposal document prior to you accepting by
return of an effective signed contract ordering work to commence.
When we have agreed to price, terms and delivery, the WORLDCLASSID
Standard Terms Agreement will be forwarded to you. We only ask for
your signature on our terms when you initially become our client,
as the terms and conditions continue to be applicable with all
future projects rendered for your entity and its concerns. The
WORLDCLASSID terms' agreement specifies:
Term of
Terms (including job scope and revisions change
Responsibilities & Warranties
Responsibilities & Warranties
Fit Employee Retention when applicable
& Agreement

What are the payment terms when working with
prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars; all funds paid must arrive in
U.S. currency.

Per Project Payment Terms:
of 50% deposit must be received for work on your projects to
Your full
balance due will be paid on completion of website or blog design,
or implementation of your contracted marketing project.
priced below $1,000 require full payment before work can be started
in your behalf.

Ongoing Management and Maintenance Terms:
monthly payment arrangements will be established on set dates via
current credit card on file.
Once an
established full time client, companies with good credit history
may be eligible to make other payment arrangements.

What is automated social media marketing?

Automated social media marketing using social media is
taking the online
social media marketing
industry by storm! Marketing with social
media is now the holy grail and social media internet marketing is
now being blown up with social broadcasting. We have the best
social media marketing on the planet and we use social media
marketing and our proprietary social media marketing tools to
achieve extraordinary search engine ranking for our clients.

Why social media marketing?

Marketing through social media is the best way to control your
message, according to top
social media marketing firms
. As a social media marketing
expert we have developed a unique social media marketing software
that provides
automated social media broadcasting
. If you want to learn
social media marketing and do your own
social media broadcast
, you have a few options. You can hire a
social media coordinator to manually do your social media
broadcasting. That is a time consuming and laborious process.
What you really need is social media marketing system that isn't
going to break your social media budgets. The best
automated social networking
can be accomplished through an
automated social network service like This
first-of-a-kind automated social networking service is the newest
in automated social media. If you want to take advantage of
automated social media marketing and do high-powered
automated social media advertising
then this is for you. The
ability to benefit from the best automated social media broadcast
service is now available and AFFORDABLE!

What is automated social media broadcasting?

The goal for an
automated social network
is to give our clients the best
automated social network marketing system on the planet. We give
each client a unique username and password for their dedicated
social network broadcast. We let our clients WRITE ONCE and then we
PUBLISH GLOBALLY using our social network broadcasting service.
Having a social networking broadcast system available to distribute
your message across the SocialSphere once a week is a powerful new
arrow in your quiver of marketing tools.

How can I benefit from social networking broadcasting?

Since successful online business is impossible without an
effective social networking strategy, the choice of providers
delivering online social networking software marketing tools is a
critical one. Social networks dominate the market of targeted
website traffic with search results becoming more and more
prevalent in top search engine results for products and services.
If you don't want to give away your potential customers to your
competitors you need to gain high search engine rankings for the
relevant keywords and that is impacted by having an online social
networking software. Our Social Networking Software solution,
WorldClassID, gives our clients the benefit of a proprietary and
best-in-class social networking software solution.
The reality of Social Networking is that it requires a
significant time commitment - not only to make it work, but to
maximize its effectiveness. Bottom-line, somebody has to keep up
with (and manage) your social networking effort over time. We have
created an automated social networking software solution to keep
you from having to hire a social network coordinator. From both a
communications and tools perspective, our value to you in our

automated social networking software service
management comes
  • Social Networking Strategic Plan - a comprehensive plan to deal
    with contest, campaign, social apps, viral and engagement
    strategies within social networks
  • Setup and/or customization of accounts in major social networks
    (planning, designing and programming in Facebook, MySpace, YouTube,
    Twitter, etc.).
  • Content updates
  • Response maintenance
  • Measurement of Traffic and Results
  • Cross-promotional linking
  • Advertising Management
We are an
automated social media agency
made up of social media
engineers. We provide automated social media marketing and new
online social media marketing. We are next generation search engine
optimization known as social media optimization, using automated
social media broadcasting to provide online social media public
Contact Information:
  • Lead Brand Manager
  • WorldClass Brand Management
  • 1155 Camino del Mar, Suite 521
  • Del Mar, California 92014
  • (+01) 760.445.3315
  • (e)

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Are You Confused About Social Networking?

Are You Confused About Social Networking?
Social Networking Software Service
Are You Confused
 About Social Networking? 
Social Networking Software Service
Trying To Make Sense of Social Networking?
What is Social Networking all about and how can it help your business?  Are you confused by hundreds of social networking websites?  Are you hiring a social network media coordinator to manage your MySpace, Facebook or Twitter accounts?  
If your social networking plan makes you feel like the picture above, WorldClassID will impact your search engine ranking and drive new leads by making your social networking strategic plan look like the following:
Social Networking Software Service
Positively Impact Search Engine Ranking
>If you don't have a social networking content plan, you're missing out on a significant new way that search engines are ranking your content. 
Drive New Leads to Your Website
>Social Networking gives you a positive forum to broadcast your message and achieve peer-to-=peer endorsements, the most powerful way to generate new leads.
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Social Media Marketing Health - You need solid social networking software to promote your business

Are You Confused About Social Networking?
Social Networking Software Service
Are You Confused
 About Social Networking? 
Social Networking Software Service
Trying To Make Sense of Social Networking?
What is Social Networking all about and how can it help your business?  Are you confused by hundreds of social networking websites?  Are you hiring a social network media coordinator to manage your MySpace, Facebook or Twitter accounts?  
If your social networking plan makes you feel like the picture above, WorldClassID will impact your search engine ranking and drive new leads by making your social networking strategic plan look like the following:
Social Networking Software Service
Positively Impact Search Engine Ranking
>If you don't have a social networking content plan, you're missing out on a significant new way that search engines are ranking your content. 
Drive New Leads to Your Website
>Social Networking gives you a positive forum to broadcast your message and achieve peer-to-=peer endorsements, the most powerful way to generate new leads.
1155 Camino del Mar, Suite 521
Del Mar, California 92014
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Are You Confused About Social Networking?

Are You Confused About Social Networking?

Social Networking Software Service

Are You Confused
 About Social Networking? 

Social Networking Software Service

Trying To Make Sense of Social Networking?

What is Social Networking all about and how can it help your business?  Are you confused by hundreds of social networking websites?  Are you hiring a social network media coordinator to manage your MySpace, Facebook or Twitter accounts?  


If your social networking plan makes you feel like the picture above, WorldClassID will impact your search engine ranking and drive new leads by making your social networking strategic plan look like the following:

Social Networking Software Service

Positively Impact Search Engine Ranking

>If you don't have a social networking content plan, you're missing out on a significant new way that search engines are ranking your content. 

Drive New Leads to Your Website

>Social Networking gives you a positive forum to broadcast your message and achieve peer-to-=peer endorsements, the most powerful way to generate new leads.



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